Rules & Guidelines

Ground Rules

  • Participants can participate in this competition as an individual or group (a group of up to 4 people), members must be secondary students aged between 11-17 years old (before 1st September,2019).
  • Each team must consist of 1 coaching teacher within the same school and will guide the students to design or produce and review the results. Members of the same team must be from the same school. After the application form is submitted, if the list of members has to be changed, the coaching teacher must submit an application via email and be approved by the organizing committee.
  • Each student can only participate in one team. Each school can send a maximum of 3 teams.
  • The competition will be conducted in two phases. In the first stage of the competition, the team will need to propose an innovative solution that solve life problems within the assigned theme. In the mentorship phase of the program, the selected team will use a variety of hardware to create prototype devices to implement the proposed solution with assistance from mentors.
  • Projects that have participated in other competition in the past can be used to submit in this competition.
  • All entries must be original, must not contain plagiarism, and must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. And all texts, music, images and designs in the competition plan may not violate the copyright regulations.
  • The organizer has the right to use the entries and may display, modify or copy the works for educational purposes.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the revision of the competition regulations and competition arrangements.

Competition Rundown

Team Registration (Entry application)

  • Registration method: Enter registration form
  • The deadline is 2nd Aug, 2019

Idea Submission Stage

  • All proposal information (include youtube video) must be in English.
  • Prepare a YouTube video (3 minutes) and Submit your proposal
  • The deadline and time for submitting the entry plan is 23:59 on 28th September, 2019
  • All teams that have submitted the submission proposal will be issued participation certificates for each student.
  • Top 5 teams will be selected by mentorship team and will be invited to enter the final stage of competition.
  • The first stage finalist list will be announced on the website of the competition and will be informed by email.

Finalists (Top 5 Selected Teams)

  • The team entering the finals must introduce the design concept, practical profile and other relevant details of the solution on the Pitch & Demonstration Day.
  • The pitching time limit is 10 minutes, with another 5 minutes for question and answer sections
  • The score will be given by the judging panels.

Judging Guidelines (For First and Final Stage Competition)

First Stage

  • Content (Including Topic, accuracy of information, design quality, social value, etc) – 45%
  • Creativity – 20%
  • Practicality of the solution – 20%
  • Presentation skills (video) – 10%
  • CyberSecurity Elements – 5%

Final Stage (Pitch on Pitch & Demonstration Day)

  • Content (Including Topic, accuracy of information, design quality, use of IoT, Social value, etc) 35%
  • Final Product (Prototype IoT component and coding language) – 30%
  • Creativity – 20%
  • Presentation skills – 10%
  • CyberSecurity Elements – 5%