Innovate For Future 2020

Technology Shaping a Better Life: Health, Intelligence, Communication

The incrementation of quality of life is mainly driven by technological advancement. Technology and human life cannot be separated. While people enjoying the benefit brings with revolutionary technology, those technologies also create new problems which no one ever thinks of in the past. In this competition, participants are going to demonstrate an innovative idea, and build a prototype that can create social impact by taking advantage of technology.

Everyone would like to have better health. From acute disease to chronic illness, the existence of sickness and ageing process always frighten the existence of humanity and limit the experience accumulate for an individual to be a better person.

Intelligence is a mechanism to solve problems. It includes the ability to gather knowledge, to learn, be creative, form strategies or engage in critical thinking. By taking advantage of different tools and technologies, humans could improve more than our own imagination.

By communicating with language, human form complex social structure and culture. With our ability to work together and to share knowledge across generation. We can overcome challenges beyond any single individual ability.

Competition Schedule for IFF2020

Online Information Session
Open For Team Registration
Online Training Videos Released
Hackathon & Training Workshops

10AM - 1PM, Online via Zoom

Team Formation submission deadline
Final Proposal Submission DEADLINE
  • Prepare a YouTube video (3 minutes) and submit all the information in the form.
  • All proposal information (including youtube video) must be in English.
Mentorship Kickoff Meeting (Zoom)
Mentorship Period (Online)
  • 5 teams from secondary school stream and 5 teams from tertiary stream will be selected, and they will go through the mentorship period.

Final Pitch cum Demonstration Day for IFF2020

Date : 17 Apr 2021 (Saturday) Time : 12:00 pm to 5:30 pm Venue (for soft launch & judging session): Function Room 1-2, Level 3, Core E, Cyberport 3 Final Teams will join via Zoom. Language : in English

Award Ceremony for IFF2020

Date : 03 July 2021 (Saturday)
Time : 9:30 am to 11:00 am (Registration starts at 9:10am)

Language : in English

Announcement for IFF2020

Total Cash Awards : HK$40,000
Award & Prizes for each stream
  • ChampionCash HK$10,000
  • 1st runner up – Cash HK$5,000
  • 2nd runner up – Cash HK$3,000
  • Certificate Of Excellence (2 teams) – Cash HK$1,000 for each team
  • Certificate Of Merit (5 teams)
  • Certification Of Participation (All Participants)
  • Global STEM submission: Winners and final champion (if selected) will showcase their projects through SJSU Global program.
  • Opportunities to be nominated for Cyberport CCMF Fast Track*.
  • Connect to internship program and training through our Industry Support Sponsors.
*Winner of tertiary streams have opportunities to submit applications to Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) with a fast-track status which could enter the final stage of screening – Presentation Session. Successful start-ups joining CCMF would have the chance to gain a cash grant of HK$100,000. Terms and Condition apply.

Judge Panel


Dr Frank TONG, Director, Research & Technology Development (System), Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM)

Ms Ivy Chan, Head of Ecosystem and Collaboration Ecosystem Development Team, Hong Kong Cyberport

Dr Roy LAW, Associate Professor, Industrial and System Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr Theodoric CHAN, Chief Commercial Officer, NTT Communications Asia

Mentor List


Mr Calvin KAM, PhD Candidates, Computer Science, CUHK

Dr Charles CHEUNG, Senior Data Scientist and Deputy Director, NVIDIA AI Technology Center Hong Kong

Dr Johnny KWONG, Senior Project Officer, Vocational Training Council (VTC) STEM Education Centre

Mr Terence LEUNG, Senior Manager, Esports & Youth Team, Hong Kong Cyberport

Mr Mike LI, Co- Founder, Hong Kong Maker Club


Secondary School Stream:

Champion: Laughter Catcher by St. Paul’s Convent School

1st Runner Up: Driver Drowsiness Detection System by Heung To Secondary School (Tseung Kwan O)

2nd Runner Up: Super Skin by Lai King Catholic Secondary School

Certificate Of Excellence: E-see Shopping by St. Stephen’s Girls’ College

Certificate Of Excellence: Parkinson’s Disease Tester by Heung To Secondary School (Tseung Kwan O)


Tertiary School Stream:

Champion: An AI-based Progression Risk Assessment System for Knee Osteoarthritis by CLAIRE Clinical AI Research Limited

1st Runner up: Elderlive by 2Givers

2nd Runner up: Aero-Hydroponic Agriculture IoT System (AHAS) by AHAS

Certificate Of Excellence: Zippy by AA Technologies

Certificate Of Excellence: Flowclass by Flowclass

Certificate of Merit:

Secondary School Stream:

2020-SEC-0006 Workfit, St. Stephen’s Girls’ College
2020-SEC-0011 MEMO, Kellett School
2020-SEC-0021 A Practical Alginate-based Synthetic Differentially Permeable Membrane System For Metal Ions Separation, King’s College
2020-SEC-0039 AI: 自學耆力, Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School
2020-SEC-0043 Marine Guard, Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School

Tertiary School Stream:

2020-TER-0014 Health Shutter
2020-TER-0019 All Screens
2020-TER-0024 Fitnet
2020-TER-0048 Smart Emergency Corridor Monitoring System
2020-TER-0050 Smart Elderly Watching U Monitoring System