IFF2021 - Idea Submission Form

Please read the following notes:

You and your team need to cover the following topics in submission:

  • Defining the problem (around the IFF2021 themes) that you are solving;
  • Providing the proposed solution, including:
    • its benefits;
    • its uniqueness;
    • any potential risks associated; and
    • how to use
  • 3-minute YouTube video explaining the above ideas
    • You are also reminded of that you should not use any unlicensed materials, including images, music, or video content, in your submission
    • All submissions will be assessed by the IFF2021 Mentoring Team.
    • 5 entries from each stream (15 in total from 3 streams) will be invited to the IFF2021 Mentorship program and the Final Stage.
    • Finalists will be announced on the website of the competition and will be informed by email.
  • Submission Language:
    • Submission to Tertiary School Stream and Secondary School Stream must be in Written and Spoken English. Any submission not in English may lead to mark deduction or disqualification.
    • Primary School Stream ONLY can be in written and spoken English or in Chinese, and marks will not be deducted.(小學組可以選用中文或英文作答,不會被扣分,但中學組和大學組必須要用英文,否則會被扣分。)
  • Only last submission before deadline will be reviewed.
  • You must have submitted your team formation form. Please check your application id.
You must have submitted your team formation form. Please check your team application ID at https://www.innovateforfuture.com/team-application-id/

Please note that the judging team will be informed about your late submission, and application may not be approved or marks will be deducted subject to the judging team’s internal discussion.