Top teams from primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary schools will be invited to join the mentorship kickoff session on Jun 9 3pm – 5pm. 

The result is presented according to numerical / alphabetical order of Team Application ID 

Secondary School Teams:

IFF2021-SEC-001Top 5St. Stephen’s Girls’ College (Som Wing Kiu, Ho Stephanie Wing Yan)
IFF2021-SEC-002Top 5Heung To Secondary School(Tseung Kwan O) (Lee Hoi Ching, Chau Hei Yan, Li Yan Lun)
IFF2021-SEC-006Top 5Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School (Chan Yik Chung, Hon Ki Ching, Po Hiu Tung, Chan Yu Shing)
IFF2021-SEC-011Top 5St Paul’s Convent School (Tsui Tsz Ka, Kwok Sum Yan, Tong Tin Wai)
IFF2021-SEC-013Top 5Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School (Wong Ho Fan, Tsoi Hiu Yin, Cheung Chun Ki, Wong Wai Kwan)

IFF2021-SEC-003Certificate of MeritHeung To Secondary School(Tseung Kwan O) (Chu Tsz Ying, Ho Kai Yui, Ngai Ho Chun, Cheung Chi Hoi)
IFF2021-SEC-004Certificate of MeritShema Academy (Caleb Law, Sean Tung, Mercy Cheung, Timothy Wong)
IFF2021-SEC-008Certificate of MeritLai King Catholic Secondary School (Cheung Chun Yu, Kong Tsoi Yung)
IFF2021-SEC-009Certificate of MeritSt. Paul’s Convent School (Sheung Ching Man Bertha, Fiona Lee)
IFF2021-SEC-016Certificate of MeritSt. Paul’s College (Chang Jeffrey Sin To, Ray Yeung)

Tertiary Teams:

IFF2021-TER-009Top 5iShare Donation Platform
IFF2021-TER-010Top 5AI Robot Guardians of the Elderly
IFF2021-TER-013Top 5Team 417
IFF2021-TER-016Top 5Tap And Play
IFF2021-TER-017Top 5Shoot for the Moon

IFF2021-TER-002Certificate of MeritI/O
IFF2021-TER-006Certificate of MeritEimby
IFF2021-TER-011Certificate of MeritSE18
IFF2021-TER-012Certificate of MeritAA Technologies
IFF2021-TER-015Certificate of MeritIoT

Primary Teams:

IFF2021-PRI-001Top 3Aldrich Bay Government Primary School (Chan Ting Hin Jason, Tsang Tsz Hin, Wu Xuan Ru)
IFF2021-PRI-002Top 3Aldrich Bay Government Primary School (Lai Sin Hei, Sun Fan Wan)
IFF2021-PRI-003Top 3Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School (CHAN YEE SUM, LEUNG TIN CHAK FORREST, WU HIU NAM, WONG WAN HIM)