Innovation For Future (IFF)

IFF Mission
Our Innovate for Future (IFF) Platform aims to cultivate a long-term goal of fostering social innovation and shaping a sustainable future. Social innovators play a crucial role in designing new principles and tools for sustainable development, and more importantly, putting them into practice. With this mission in mind, IFF’s competition event will specifically be designed for young people to create and design innovative products or services that can significantly improve our environment, health, and society as a whole.

Through our IFF competition and other programs, students will be inspired to think outside the box and develop their ideas in an innovative way. They will be encouraged to address the pressing concerns of our society and learn to overcome real-life challenges through the competition. With the support of academic partners, industry mentorship, and various global programs, young participants will have the opportunity to turn their innovative concepts into reality.

By empowering youth through this competition, IFF aims to create a generation of social innovators who are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to drive positive change. The competition will not only inspire young participants but also encourage them to become change-makers and leaders in their respective fields.

IFF Competition Introduction
The IFF Competition will provide a unique platform for young minds to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and passion for sustainable development. Participants will have the chance to collaborate, exchange ideas, and learn from industry experts, academic leaders, and fellow innovators. This multidimensional approach will foster a supportive and nurturing environment where young people can challenge existing norms, push boundaries, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Innovate for Future (IFF) Competition is an open competition of innovation & technology to inspire our young people in Hong Kong to create innovative products or services for solving and improving our real life challenges, though idea generation to prototype development. The competition may apply to local schools in Hong Kong SAR.  Students will pitch how to move human society forward with feasible innovation and products in our coaching process.

This competition is supported by our international partner, San Jose State University (SJSU) Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies (SVCGS). The final champion or winners will have opportunity to submit their projects to SJSU global program such as Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) Competition and Showcase.

This competition is also supported by our global technology partners and as well as other industry, exhibition, and training partners.  The final champion or winners will have opportunity to be nominated to join their industry support programs, internship programs and showcase in exhibition and sharing in technology conferences.

Start-up & Mentorship Subcommittee of HKETA
This IFF is organized and hosted by Start-up & Mentorship Subcommittee of HKETA. For more information, please click Start-up & Mentorship Subcommittee.

IFF Event Organizer

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IFF2024 Advisory Committee

  • Mr Derek LEE, IFF2024 Advisory Committee Chair, Hon Advisor of HKETA
  • Mr Victor CHOI, Honorary Chairman, HKETA
  • Mr Alvin LEE, Chairman, HKETA
  • Dr Alan WONGPh.D., Senior Director, Business Development & Global Partnership, Professional & Global Engagement, SJSU
  • Mr Nelson WOO, Industry Associations & Standards Manager, APAC, AXIS Communications
  • Prof Nim CHEUNG, Ph.D., Fellow, IEEE
  • Dr Charles CHEUNG, Ph.D., Senior Data Scientist and Deputy Director, NVIDIA AI Technology Centre Hong, Kong, NVIDIA

IFF2024 Organizing Committee

  • Mr Stapler LI, IFF2024 Organizing Committee Chair, Deputy Chairman of HKETA
  • Ms Joyce YE, Vice Chair, IFF Tutor, Media Creator, BSc in Biochemistry & Cell Biology, HKUST
  • Ms Eva YEUNG, Event & Logistic, Students Coordinator, Admin Executive of HKETA
  • Ms Anyia LAU, Technical Support & Webmaster, IFF Tutor, BEng in Computer Science, HKUST