Competition Stages

Innovate for Future (IFF) Competition is an open competition of innovation & technology to inspire our young people in Hong Kong to create innovative products or services for solving and improving our real life challenges, though idea generation to prototype development. The competition may apply to local schools including secondary and tertiary in Hong Kong SAR.  Students will pitch how to move human society forward with feasible innovation and products in our coaching process.

This competition is supported by our international partner, San Jose State University (SJSU) Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies (SVCGS). The final champion or winners will have opportunity to submit their projects to SJSU global program such as Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) Competition and Showcase.

This competition is also supported by our global technology partners and as well as other industry, exhibition, and training partners.  The final champion or winners will have opportunity to be nominated to join their industry support programs, internship programs and showcase in exhibition and sharing in technology conferences.

Registration Stage:

Tertiary School Stream

  • Tertiary School Stream (currently studying any full-time tertiary educational program equivalent to the Qualification Framework Level 4 or above, i.e. university degree/ higher diploma/ higher certificate programs, in Hong Kong).
  • Teams from the Tertiary School Stream need to assign a team leader as the contact person. Each tertiary educational institution can register multiple teams.
  • 1-4 members per team

Secondary School Stream

  • Secondary School Stream (secondary school students aged between 11-17 years old in Hong Kong)
  • Teams from the Secondary Stream need to include 1 coaching teacher from the same school. The coaching teacher will guide the students in the product design and production process.
  • Each team can only consist of 1 to 4 students and their teacher from the same school. Students cannot join multiple teams.
  • Each school may have maximum 3 teams, with each team having different focuses and projects.

School teams will be registered through our online page of IFF website. When the registration process is completed, school teams will be acknowledged by an email confirmation with a team ID.

Idea Submission Stage:

You and your team need to cover the following topics in submission:

  • Defining the problem (with the IFF2024 themes) that you are solving;
  • Providing the proposed solution, including:
    • its benefits;
    • its uniqueness;
    • any potential risks associated; and
    • how to use
  • A 3-minute YouTube video explaining the above ideas
    • You are also reminded of that you should not use any unlicensed materials, including images, music, or video content, in your submission
    • All submissions will be assessed by the IFF2024 Mentoring Team. 
    • Top 5 Team from Each Stream will be selected to the IFF2024 Pitch cum Conference Day to pitch their ideas to our judges.
    • Top 5 Team from Each Stream will be invited to show up their projects in our Conference & Showcase section to our industry guests.
    • Finalists will be announced on our IFF website and will be informed by email.
  • Submission to Secondary School Stream and Tertiary School Stream must be in written and spoken English. Any submission not in English may lead to mark deduction or disqualification.

Final Stage:

Pitch cum Conference Day

  • If you and your team are invited to the Final Stage, you need to clearly articulate your ideas, such as the defined problems and the solution details, including design concepts, any prototypes, potential benefits, product uniqueness, market feasibility, and associated risks, at the Pitch cum Conference Day to our IFF2024 judges.
  • The pitching time for each team is 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • Our judges will evaluate each team’s ideas and performance to select the winning teams.

Conference & Showcase

  • IFF2024 has numbers of technology talks from our academic and industry partners and professionals to share latest technologies to our students, teachers and guests in different aspects such as AI, robotics, smart city, IoT and etc.
  • IFF2024 will invite our IFF past winner projects and as well as top 5 team from each stream of this year to show up their projects in our Conference & Showcase section to other students and industry guests.

Remark: The organizer reserves the rights to make final decisions regarding the revision of the competition regulations and competition arrangements.

Judging Guidelines

Idea Submission Stage

  • Innovation – 35%
  • Feasibility – 30%
  • Presentation – 10%
  • Social Impact – 15%
  • Cybersecurity Elements – 10%

Final Stage (Pitch & Conference Day)

  • Innovation – 35%
  • Implementation – 30%
  • Presentation – 10%
  • Social Impact – 15%
  • Cybersecurity Elements – 10%

Event Notice

Judging Announcement

We will announce judging result of Top 5 teams for pitching and 5 of Certificate of Merits for secondary and tertiary streams in mid-June 2024 by posting in IFF website and by email.

  1. Top 5 teams of secondary and tertiary streams will be invited to our pitch day (at morning time) and present their project ideas to our judge panel. Those top 5 teams will also be invited to show up their projects in our showcase session in the afternoon of our pitch day.
  2. The Champion, 1st Runner up, 2nd Runner and 2 of Certificate of Excellence will be selected and awards will be presented by our guests in awards ceremony at the end of the pitch day.
  3. 5 of Certificate of Merits will be invited to join our conference talks and awards ceremony.